When everything is changing…

You may not know where to begin

If you need us to help you begin at the beginning, we can do that.

Our services are generally priced out at a project rate following an initial discovery session with the client. When you are uncertain whether you will proceed with a project, our approach is to charge for a half or full day consultation. In the event we are retained for a project following that consultation, the amount is credited to the client in full against the overall project rate.

You may not know what you need 

Sometimes it’s not immediately obvious whether you need a research report, an extra set of hands, a project manager or just a sounding board or second set of eyes.

Our goals are to help you craft your definition of success and to help you achieve it. Accordingly, we don’t seek to put strict limits around the services we offer. We do, however, provide guidance on the skills we can bring to your projects:

  • strategic planning
  • group facilitation
  • market research
  • product development
  • project management
  • business development
  • customer marketing
  • content development
  • process improvement
  • strategic communications
  • social media management
  • staff coaching

You may not know how to forecast your requirements

Projects timelines are not always in the client’s control. We understand that.

Recognizing that collaborative projects can be influenced by resource availability, external deadlines or milestones, and other unknowns, we can work with you on a retainer basis to provide cost certainty. Under this model, we work with you to jointly set general expectations of availability, nature and value of work, and a suitable periodic rate payable over a pre-determined time period. These rates will be loosely based on our daily rates, but you will always have the option on suitable notice to revert to a fixed project rate if it suits your requirements.